Thursday, 1 April 2010

PSP Vintage Warmer review - todays Plugin of choice

Welcome to a regular post phenomenon, where I'll be detailing my favourite plugins and doo-dahs of the moment!

Today's is the Vintage Warmer plugin from PSP Audioware

So, what is it?

PSP vintage warmer is a compressor plugin. As the name suggests, it endeavors to add some of that fabled "vintage/analog warmth" to your track too.

What's so good about it?

My main favourite part of the PSPVW is the massive knob in the middle, labelled "Drive"

As a metal vocalist doing lots of shouty, screamy stuff, cranking up the Drive knob a few dB is like dropping magical fairy dust. It sounds amazing. Normally you'd put a little distortion onto a screaming vocal track, but this can sometimes sound fake and "megaphoney". The Drive from the PSPVW gives the material some grunt and harmonics, but in a more subtle way. Its hard to put your finger on it, but it adds a ton of punch and raw aggression to a screaming track.

Thats not its only use though, just my favourite. Try it on different things, especially drum overheads. Being able to add some harmonics to high frequencies or low frequencies is a huge plus, I like taking out some of the low end if the compressor has "woofed" up the material too much, or adding a sprinkle of sheen to cymbals and vocals.

Awesome! So where can I get it?

PSP Vintage Warmer (updated to version 2) is avaliable from in VST, AU and RTAS format for $149. A 14-day trial is also avaliable.

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