Sunday, 4 April 2010

Do your converters suck?

I bet they don't.

There's a constant rat race amongst beginner recordists, who always ask for "the best". What is the 'best' microphone/preamp/interface/computer/DAW etc. And they always end up with answers which basically say "Come back when you have $3000".

Its not necessary.

This is an oft-repeated simple test, but its point still holds. Play a CD through your interface/converters/whatever, and record it back using the same converters. Then listen to it. Sound good? Then you're fine.

Then there is the test of your converters, mics and monitors. Play something through your setup, but this time record it with a mic back into your system. It won't sound the same, but does it sound good? If it does, then you're fine.

There's a long video by Ethan Winer, who became my hero after I watched it, which goes through this in more detail. Once I find the link, I will post it as a separate blog post and also as a link in the "pages" tab on the side, so its always easy to find.

Unless you're running a top level studio (you probably won't be reading this if you are!), then stop worrying about these little things and make music!

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